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When I use Keynote or Power Point in my presentation, I wanted to use a remote control, but I didn't want to spend money to buy it. So I used Wii Remote. I use Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.3, and Macbook Pro Retina Early 2015. It is said you can use WiiU Pro Controller in the same way.
※I will not answer for the failure.

P.S. DISABLED for macOS Sierra
I find the BBS about this trouble. Please check the following link if you want to use Wii Remote on macOS Sierra.

・Change settings of Macintosh.
・Get software to connect Wii Remote with Mac.
・Get software and setting Wii Remote.

Change settings of Macintosh

You don't have to do if you don't use OS X El Captain.
I disable "System Integrity Protection".
If you want to know about System Integrity Protection, please read this web page.

I have to use "recovery mode". To boot into recovery mode, restart your Mac and hold Command+R as it boots. You’ll enter the recovery environment. Click the “Utilities” menu and select “Terminal” to open a terminal window. (Photo is on Japanese version)

Type the following command into the terminal and press Enter to disable System Integrity Protection:

csrutil disable

and you will see as next photo.

If you decide you want to enable System Integrity Protection, run the following command:

csrutil enable

And then, you have to restart machine for the changes to take effort.

Connect Wii Remote with Mac

Usual, Wii Remote is connected with the core of Wii by Bluetooth. This time, I make that Wii Remote think Mac is the core of Wii. To do that, I use this software "wjoy".

To jump to download page, please click the image of wjoy↑. And you can download when you click "wjoy 0.7.1.dmg" in the download page.

When you start wjoy, wjoy says "We started:)" and wjoy check new version.
And then you will see this when you click mark of wjoy, so please click "Begin Discovery".

And push (1) and (2) button of Wii Remote.
If you could make connection, LED on Wii Remote is lighted. (1P)

Set up Wii Remote

You could make connection Wii Remote with mac by using wjoy. You can play some games, such as "Open Emu", but you can't use for Keynote or Power Point, so you have to set up Wii Remote.

This time, I use "Joystic Mapper". Please search in your Mac App Store.

Joystic Mapper
(Link for App Store in Japan)

This soft is a pay app in Japan. (¥600)

There is free software "Enjoy2". (You download files immediately when you click Image or Link)


However, you can't control sticks on Nunchuk or Classic Controller by this software.

This time, I use "Joystick Mapper".

I think you will see this window when start Joystick Mapper.

And when you click "Add a new preset"....

You will see this window to set up new preset. Let's set up.
You click "Add a new joystic", and...

You will see this, so click "Add a new bind", and...

You wii see this.
In this status, please click "scan", and push a button on Wii Remote.
I pushed (A) button, and...

I saw this.
And then, you can set up using pull-down menu, such as "keyboard key" or "A".

I set up as this image↓.

To finish setting, please push red mark at the upper left of the window, and this window↓ will stay in your screen.

And then, please mack check for the check box, which is on the left side of "New Preset", for the changes to take effort.

In the End

Thank you for read this long article. I think English is difficult.
You can use Nunchuk and Classic Controller, if you use "Joystick Mapper".
And you can ask some question in the form under this article.


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